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Charged With Identity Theft? Get Defense Promptly.

Have you been accused of using another person’s personal information to commit fraud or harm someone’s reputation? If you have been charged with or know that you might be investigated for identity theft, you need the defense representation from Garton & Vogt, P.C., as soon as possible.

If you have used another person’s credit card information, debit card, bank account information or other records for financial gain, you could be prosecuted on identity theft and financial fraud charges.

Collectively, our Macomb County attorneys have decades of criminal defense experience throughout Michigan, and they know how to fight to protect your rights and freedoms. They are uniquely skilled and aggressive in negotiations and litigation.

Do not speak to police officers or prosecutors without our skilled attorneys present.

Clinton Township-Based Lawyers Defending People Accused Of Computer Crimes

Increasingly, law enforcement officials and prosecutors have access to substantial resources and federal programs to investigate and gather evidence on individuals and companies using the internet and software to commit identity theft crimes.

Our lawyers are familiar with these resources, and they are knowledgeable in mounting defense strategies to protect our clients. In some cases, they employ expert witnesses to fully explain and analyze the charges brought by the government.

Our attorneys can protect you against lengthy prison sentences and steep fines. They will stick to a strategy that is customized to your case and work to minimize the effects of investigation and prosecution to the fullest extent possible.

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