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Defense From Larceny And Robbery Charges

Most crimes that involve stealing, swindling or misappropriation are charged under the larceny statutes. If any kind of weapon is involved, you could be charged with the more severe crime of robbery. For each crime, you can be charged at various levels of severity, depending upon the circumstances, the value of the stolen goods or the type of weapon involved.

Will You Have To Go To Jail?

Larceny includes theft in the form of shoplifting; stealing library books, food or livestock; “injuring” trees and plants; and stealing airplanes. The penalties associated with each conviction vary from fines to incarceration and become more severe if charges escalate to robbery or someone was injured during the incident. Our lawyers can defend you against these charges and will work to get them reduced or dismissed.

In addition to the criminal penalties you might pay, such as a fine or serving time in jail, you may also be required to make restitution, or directly repay, the victim of the theft or damage. If your financial situation is such that repayment is difficult or impossible, there may be more creative ways to accomplish this through community service or other work.

We understand that sometimes the police falsely accuse people of crimes they did not commit and that people simply make mistakes or do things out of desperation. Our criminal defense attorneys believe that you are innocent until proven otherwise. No matter what circumstances you are facing, they can represent you from beginning to end with a focus on obtaining the best possible outcome.

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