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Whether you are currently under investigation or you have been formally charged, our lawyers at Garton & Vogt, P.C., is ready to listen and advise. They will defend your case anywhere in Michigan.

You need immediate legal guidance and protection, and our team is prepared to aggressively defend you against allegations and charges of child molestation or abuse in even the most incriminating of circumstances.

Do not speak to law enforcement officers or investigators without first speaking with one of our lawyers. Do not explain or even deny anything without an attorney from Garton & Vogt, P.C., present. Your Miranda rights grant you the right to remain silent.

Sexual Abuse Defense Requires Experienced Representation

Our attorneys have decades of criminal defense experience. They understand the tactics that will be used against you, and they know that the odds are stacked against you as an accused person. It is difficult to convince judges, juries and even the families of accused people of their innocence. However, our lawyers at Garton & Vogt, P.C., excel in the face of such stark odds. They have obtained many not guilty verdicts.

They can defend you against false accusations and entrapment. The testimony of children is often manipulated, and the prosecution’s case relies heavily on character evidence and witness testimony. There are many possible defenses that our team can effectively use in a comprehensive strategy to defend your case and your future.

Child Molestation Penalties

A charge such as sexual assault of a minor or lewdness of a minor carries the high possibility of a long prison sentence, loss of parental rights, loss of child custody, severe damage to your reputation and livelihood and potential lifetime registration as a sex offender. Call us immediately if you are being investigated.

Child Abuse Or Neglect Penalties

Harm or the threat of harm to a child’s health or welfare can include nonphysical acts as well. If you are a parent, your child will be placed in protective custody, and you may even be forced to surrender a newborn to Children’s Protective Services (CPS). Penalties can include jail sentencing beyond the loss of your child if you are a parent.

Clinton Township Child Molestation Lawyers

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