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How can a DUI alter your life?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Criminal Defense

After getting a DUI, your life can change in many different ways. Understanding and anticipating these changes will help you understand why avoiding a DUI conviction is so crucial.

So exactly how does a DUI change your life in the first place?

Trouble finding jobs

LifeSafer discusses life-altering changes after a DUI. First, it can affect your ability to find employment. Many jobs will pass over someone with a criminal record, regardless of what the actual criminal charge is.

On top of that, many fields and industries actually have the legal ability to deny jobs to people with a DUI specifically due to safety reasons. This includes jobs that handle children, jobs that require a commercial driver’s license, and government jobs.

Denial of housing

You may also struggle when it comes to finding housing. Though it is illegal in many places to discriminate for housing due to criminal history, many units can still choose other residents based on their records. When a landlord only has a few rooms available, they are more likely to fill those rooms with people who do not have a criminal history.

Difficulty finding community

Finally, you may even find yourself struggling to fit in with your community. This is especially true in DUI incidents where a life ended up changed or even lost. Many people with a DUI on record find themselves facing vitriol and alienation from their community.

For these reasons and more, it is pertinent for anyone facing DUI charges to face them with full seriousness, understanding what is on the line.