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Handling the post-divorce holidays with the kids

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2022 | Family Law

Making the day-to-day transition following a divorce is hard enough, but the holidays pose new challenges. As you approach your first holidays post-divorce, you may wonder how to make these holidays as easy as possible for your children.

There are some tips to help you handle those post-divorce holidays with the kids.

Talk about traditions before the holidays arrive

Family traditions can be a source of comfort for children after a divorce, but they can also be an emotional minefield. It is best to discuss any traditions with your children before the holidays arrive to see which ones they wish to continue and how they may want to modify them. Then, choose some new traditions to begin as part of this new chapter.

Discuss the plans with your ex

Whenever possible, ensure that your children get time with both of you on the holiday. Discuss the plans with your ex and find a way to work together. For example, one of you can keep the children the evening before and the morning of the holiday while the other parent gets the children for the afternoon and evening of the holiday.

Celebrate in both places

Allow the children to celebrate the holidays in both places. Sometimes, this means an Easter egg hunt in the morning and the afternoon, or opening gifts with one parent in the morning and the other in the evening.

Remember that your children did not choose to be apart from either parent, so consider their needs and feelings when you plan that first set of holidays after the divorce.